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About the

Mexico Center

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Mexico Center was officially established in October 2005 to promote greater knowledge and understanding of Mexico and U.S.-Mexico relations. The Mexico Center is an umbrella organization that connects Mexico-related expertise within UTSA through cross-disciplinary collaboration on research projects and activities.

Mission Statement

The Mexico Center fosters research and critical engagement in transnational histories, cultures, and politics that bound the United States and Mexico together. Scholarship and collaborations, conferences, symposia and publications, and engagements with the broader public correct contemporary discourses that vilify Mexico and its diverse peoples on both sides of the border. Thus, the Center produces knowledge to influence our shared cultural and political destinies.

Projects and Programs

With the objective of becoming a premier institute for humanities and social science research and teaching on Mexico and U.S.-Mexico relations, the Mexico Center has implemented a cluster of year-round projects and programs. To accomplish its goals, the UTSA Mexico Center collaborates with several Mexican or Mexico-related organizations and institutions both in Mexico and the United States.


To complement the formal teaching in the classroom, the Mexico Center hosts numerous events throughout the year open to students, faculty, and the public. The conferences, panel discussions, seminars, lecture series, and screenings cover a wide range of topics such as U.S.-Mexico relations; economic development and global entrepreneurship; transnational family research; immigration and citizenship; and Mexican art, architecture, and culture.


The Mexico Center has undertaken groundbreaking research on immigration, border issues, and transnational living, with a particular emphasis on the impact on families and children. Past Mexico Center research projects include:

  • San Antonio as a Transitional Community
  • DREAM Act Students and Political Activism
  • Bilingual Baby Project
  • Energy production and its impact on affordable housing in the Eagle Ford Shale
  • Mellon Undergraduate Humanities Pathways Grant

Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

“I can’t breathe/No puedo respirar.” The UTSA Mexico Center unequivocally condemns police brutality and modern day lynchings of black folks in this country and stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and any other group committed to ending the virulent reign of white supremacy in this country. Amidst the backdrop of a deadly pandemic, itself disproportionately affecting communities of color, we are presented with stark images of the near impunity with which law enforcement target Black Americans. This is the cumulative human cost of white supremacy. As law enforcement across the US respond to the national uprisings with further atrocities, we recognize the role of the state, capital, and law enforcement in maintaining this centuries-old system of racial hierarchy and violence. Through this time of extraordinary dissent, the UTSA Mexico Center honors the lives and recognizes the untimely deaths of the victims of white supremacy, from George “Big” Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, to San Antonio’s own Charles “Chop” Roundtree and Marquise Jones. We are forever in solidarity with the families and communities of the victims, as well as those organizing against injustice and state-sanctioned violence everywhere. In solidarity, The UTSA Mexico Center con safos


Princeton-bound Mellon Pathways Fellow

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